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PGP Universal Server Ver, 2.6.3 Build 3017 still encryption emails after account has been deleted.

Created: 27 Sep 2011

I just started with a firm and they have the PGP Server ver. 2.6.3 (Build 3017).  The server has been expired w/o them realizing 2 years ago.  The emails have been processing the entire time.  The problem is this is no longer needed for the 50 count license they have.  I removed some of the accounts who no longer work with the company and I pulled on in particular that needs to have the emails go through w/o being encrypted.  I stopped and restarted the services to be on the safe side and had the end user test sending an attachment to the client.  The email attachment still was encrypted.  I stopped the services and then had the user send but no email was sent.  The minute I turned it back on the email was processed.  

I need to have the accounts removed and tested in order for the client to recieve emails from our staff.  No PGP client is installed on the workstation.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from someone.

Wayne W