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PGP Universal Server Web Messenger stale sessions

Created: 05 Mar 2012 • Updated: 05 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
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We've had this problem since we first began using the Web Messenger product. Basically if a user closes their browser window without logging off first their account remains locked for the specified timeout period (I think it defaults to 20 minutes). This happens a *lot*. Now I know we can decrease the timeout period, however that would boot people out during mail composition if set to low... I'm finding it hard to believe there's no way to avoid this problem, either by manually killing the session somehow or by the Web Messenger detecting when the browser window is closed and logging the account out. Has anyone got a workaround to this issue?


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Julian_M's picture

you can change that option in  /etc/ovid/

Look for the line: =15

Change it to whatever you want. This is the only way to modify this. It works like every webmail system, users should logoff not closed window.

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muhaynes's picture

Thanks for the reply Julian, this is what I was afraid of... It would be awesome if you guys could modernize the system in the future, as this causes us serious headaches and I'm assuming we're not the only ones. 

"It works like every webmail system". You should attempt to cause this problem on gmail, hotmail or OWA. None of them have this problem so obviously there is a solution. Or even a warning popup when closing the Window would be a good idea. 

Mohammad Ashkaibi's picture

Hi, what you've just proposed is such a great idea (actually, I find myself unconciously closing the browser this way most of the time!). Please take the time to add this feature request in the "Idea" section so that it will be taken into real consideration. Thank you.

- moh