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PGP Universal Server without messaging

Created: 30 Nov 2011 | 2 comments


I'm looking to set up a PGP Universal server that will just be responsible for WDE.  Is the setup any different then the one that does messaging (Email) as well?

Do I still need to set up mapped IP's?

I cannot find any documentaion on this, and getting through to customer support is really difficult.


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Universal for WDE and email is the same product.

Your license is probably just for WDE, so email component is disabled. You can check that in the system tab , on the Universal Administration webpage.

You will need this, the Administration guide will provide you all the necesary information:

You will just need a static IP address + hostname for Universal server.

These article may help you configuring your server after installation:

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There is no general answer to this. In case it's only a WDE deployment you can refrain from configuring the mail-proxies, the managed domains still need to be added.

Only allow SKM keys, since otherwise the users will be prompted to set up client keys. On the client side you can then use (super)-silent-enrollment.

This is a vast area, if needed tell us more about the environment and the project objectives for more advice.