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PGP Desktop Email

Email encryption software for desktop and laptop computers

This will work for you.

Please check below link for more details:

Please post such queries under PGP section.


Avkash K

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I guess I'm just a dummy.

I just installed PGPv10,64bit.  The Semantec site reports that
this software is compatible with Win7-64bit, Thunderbird, outlook,
along with other software which I do not use.

I have no clue how you work with pgp messaging.  The email proxies are
nothing but a big PITA.  It recognizes and secures the email account
and then lists a slew of IP addresses on the messaging screen.
Selecting them individually brings up a form that I suppose must be
filled in manually.  The list grows exponentially with additional
email accounts.

Once done any attempt to send an encrypted email results in an error
message directing the user to turn of TLS mode in the email client.
Doing so doesn't help as it continues to display the error message
anyway.  Additionally, it takes forever to even send a non-encrypted
email as long as PGP is installed.

I worked for about an hour with PGP and never did get pgp messaging to
work.  I have never had as much trouble with any software as I have had
with this.  It ain't cheap either.  The end user should never be expected to
do this much setup just to get the thing to work.

I have once again uninstalled PGPv10 and re-enabled the GPG plugin for
Thunderbird.  It works great and all that was required was that
GPG4win be installed after the extension module.

I am using Win7,64bit with Thunderbird.  Lots of memory and lots of disk

Thanks for listening and have a great week.