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PGP Viewer por iPhone/iPad

Created: 05 Aug 2011 | 1 comment
Carlos Bezares's picture

Ok, the app its new, but support does not have a club about their existence.

Im recently new about PGP, however i have a couple of doubts.

I do the export of the key from the universal server to a .asc file, then both parts of the key are kept on the sane file, so, when i import tris file on the iPhone and the keys are registered for the PGP viewer, i saw three keys, two from the user and one from the companie.

And on the universal server, then i can see Noé, two set of keys for the same user. The original ones and the second ones creares when i registered the iPhone /iPad

But still anyway, the app send and error, telling that it cant desencrypt the Message.pgp

Anyone, have any idea to fix all this?


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Chetan D's picture

Hello Carlos,

As you said you exported the key pair from the PGP Desktop to .asc file that's ok.

Then you registered the iPhone to the Universal server no issues, imported the keys there but as the same user OR different one ?

now as you are not able to decrypt the emails for keys does not match !!

You should have the senders public key as well.

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