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PGP WDE 10.2.0 Decryption hangs

Created: 30 Jun 2012 • Updated: 30 Jun 2012 | 5 comments
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last night I started decryption of my disk with PGP Desktop. This morning I found that the decryption stucks with 22% completion, no further progress. Having a look into the Activity monitor shows PGP (no response).

So I'm now in between of nowhereland and nothing. How do I stop or start the decryption again to get it to completion, without breaking my Mac.

MacBook Pro is running 10.7.2. and PGP WDE 10.2.0 Build 2068. No Bootcamp installed or any other partition.

Any idea or suggestion how to get this fixed?

Thanks in advance, Rolf

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Tom Mc's picture

Sometimes the decryption just stops showing the updated level of decryption, while continuing to do the expected decryption.  Is the computer showing disk activity?  If so, it will probably complete as expected.  If you are using the WDE Recovery CD for decryption, it is very important to not stop the decryption.

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shrek1234's picture

hmmm, there is no activity on the disk according to iStat. Not sure,  if this is because PGP WDE has finished without updating the GUI or if it really hangs. 

I'm running the decryption from the PGP Desktop, as I did before on my Lenovo TP under Windows and Linux, without any problem.

Maybe there is a chance running a terminal command to identify if decryption finished or not? Or restart decryption? Any logs where it the status is written?

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Tom Mc, you have been right, looks like only the GUI did not update any more, or got a hang condition. After backing up all my data (smiley) once more, I did a reboot and everythings looks fine. When starting the PGP Desktop there is no more encrypted disk.

Thanks again, Rolf

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In the future:

pgpwde --status --disk 0 (or disk number if not disk 0)

This will tell you the high watermark and low watermark. In the case where decryption is still in process you will see that the low watermakr is continually increasing when re-running the command. This will tell you that the decryption is still in progress.

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that is an extremely useful command to run when doing decryption, especially on important hardware.  I would recommend anyone decrypting things to run that command along side, because then at least you see progress to be certain things haven't gone wrong.

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