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PGP WDE 10.2.1 MP3 and Lion 10.7.5 on Mac OSX Does it work?

Created: 20 Sep 2012 • Updated: 18 Oct 2012 | 10 comments
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So who is going to be the first guinea pig to try this out?

Does it work since they changed the EFI?

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Sarah Mays's picture

I tested 10.7.5 update on a mid-2011 macbook air running osx 10.7.4 and an encrypted boot volume (pgp desktop 10.2.1 MP2 HF3 build 4866). Upgrade was sucessful and there were no boot issues.

PGP_Ben's picture

I have several very large mac customers that I support and they have tested 10.2.1 MP3 with 10.7.5 on a few 2011 and 2012 macbook models with no problems. I have not seen any bugs logged against 10.7.5 in regards to WDE or Virtual Disk yet. I know they are doing more testing in QA today on this.

They even tried machines that are on 10.2 MP4 (Build 2526) since that is what hte majority of their Mac's are on still and they confirmed that there is no problems on those machines that are already encrypted when updating to 10.7.5 as well.

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Thanks Ben, but my question remains can you confirm it works on the 2012 MBP a Retnia & Ivy Bridge Processor running 10.7.5?  As in just purchased a few months ago?

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Here is my only hesitation...previously the 10.2.1 MP2 also worked on lion 10.7.4, from reading all the threads I thought I was in the clear.  Unfortunately after i had the GREY SCREEN of NO BOOT, I reread all the forums and nobody clearly said it worked on the new MBP Retnia & Ive Bridge processors until after I had installed it. 

Actually that not 100% true, it was said on the forums 5 days before installed it and you all gave warnings.  So it was my fault from not checking from when I downloaded it till I installed it.  However this time I want to 100% make sure you all have tested it before in the new mid-2012 MBP Retnia & Ivy Bridge processors.

Anyone else have success stories?

Alex_CST's picture

We have 10.2.1 MP3 installed on a 2011 mac book pro here with 10.7 installed

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shelster's picture

Okay everyone!  I understand it works on older macbook pros, but still...has there been anyone who has tried it on a 2012 MBP Retnia & Ive Bridge Processor?

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Okay everyone, I just confimed that PGP 10.2.1 MP3 WORKS on my NEW 2012 Macbook Pro Retnia Ivy Bridge laptop running 10.7.5.

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Call me stupid, but I cannot find where to download updates to PGP. Symantec does not send me emails when new MP updates are available. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to be running the latest update before updating to Mac OS 10.7.5.

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Hi, here you can find product updates:

Click on the email alerts button in the top right corner.

All product updates are downloaded through FileConnect found here:

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Thanks for the feedback shelster. We have had similar results with QA. We officially support Mac OS X 10.7.5 with 10.2.1 MP4 now.  The Retina Display macbook pro's should be no exception to that to my knowledge. Certainly make sure that your boot rom is the latest from the EFI updates from Apple since we don't work with the B02 boot rom on Macbook Pro 9,1 models.  See this KB for more info there:


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