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PGP WDE 10.2.1 MP4 (4961) not showing drives on Lion, Mt. Lion

Created: 03 Dec 2012 | 4 comments

We have two MacBook Pro - not retina - where the PGP version above is not showing an attached USB backup drive (Lion) or the boot drive (Mtn. Lion) as drives to encrypt. 

Support said upgrade EFI (but it is on the latest).

Anyone else seeing this? Suggested workaround?

pgpwde --enum finds the drives

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And, in a new install, we are again seeing that it doesn't find any disks to encrypt. MacBook Air 4,1 10.7.5

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Are the drives "advanced format drives"? most of those drives will have 512 emulation.. but there are some that do not.

Which partition scheme are the drives using?

were the drives previously encrypted with FV2 or PGP?

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We'll check, but except for the MacBook air, these are all external USB drives. Thanks Sarah!

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The external USB drives are not using PGP or FV2, and had not used it in the past.

The MacBook Air has likewise not used either technology.

However, PGP WDE will not recognize the drives to encrypt them. The two usb drive computers have their boot drive encrypted with PGP (and the externals are Time Machine backups -- something we do all the time with PGP).

The MacBook air has a 64Gb internal SSD.