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PGP WDE 10.2.1 Silent Install via GPO

Created: 19 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

We currently install PGP WDE via AD Group Policy. This works fine until I come to manually installing a newer version for testing before applying it to the GPO.

My understanding of Group Policy (not WDE Group Policy) is that a software install can be deployed and is applied just the once unless otherwise told to do so. This allows administrators to uninstall, update etc without the version in the GPO to be reapplied. However, this is what happens every time with PGP WDE - I want to test 10.2.1 MP5, but every time I install it and restart the older version gets pushed back on to it.

Had anyone come across this? It doesn't happen for any other application, just WDE. I understand this would be more of a AD Group Policy issue, but any feedback would be appreciated.


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Why you are not withdrawing the GPO from a Test Group and apply the test GPO to this group.

Therefor you can push the new client onto clients in that group and apply the special GPO to them.

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I am guessing that the GPO is configured to install that specific version of PGP, and as you have put a different version of PGP onto that machine, the GPO doesn't see it and tries to install the previous version as that doesn't exist on the system

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It seems that way, which isn't how Group Policy works, so I've read. My understanding is that it installs a package just the once and then doesn't reinstall it unless the admin tells Group Policy to redeploy the application. This allow admins to update or remove the app manually if and when required. I guess WDE is an exception to that rule as all other applications we deploy using Group Policy work the way I'd expect it to.

I guess I'll just have to exclude myself from the Group Policy to allow me to test newer versions. No biggy, just thought I'd see if anyone knew if this was 'normal' behaviour for WDE via Group Policy.

Thanks anyway.