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Created: 22 Jul 2012 | 3 comments

I searched for the answers to my questions but did not find it in any previous discussions.

I will preface my questions with the fact that I will be encrypting my system with Filevault 2.

1.  Can I buy a version of PGP for Mac without the WDE feature?  I basically want to use the encryption and decryption features of PGP.  Nothing else. 

2.  If no to question 1, does PGP WDE still conflict with Filevault 2?  I know it used to cause problems if PGP was even installed on a system that was encrypted using Filevault.

At this point I am mainly keeping PGP around because I use it to encrypt and decrypt existing files as well as files that are sent back and forth between myself and various other individuals who may or may not have OSX systems.

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According to the 10.2.1Release Notes  the only conflicts with FileVault are in regards to using an externally encrypted drive.  If you are not using PGP either in a business setting (including government) or for business use, you can just download and use the Trialware product - it can either be installed directly as Freeware, or will go down to Freeware level of functioning after the Trial period (i believe it's 90 days).  Otherwise, I believe the file encryption works with all licenses and use can just use the least expensive alternative - you might want to use the Chat with Sales option to confirm this. 

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I will try it out.  I have owned a license of PGP for many years so I have the software already.

I was mainly concerned with installing the latest version on a system that is Filevault encrypted.

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PGP Desktop with the new symantec licensing includes all the feature, including WDE. There is suposed to be a way to run a customized installation to not install PGP WDE as part of the PGP Desktop install. But I have been told that this doesn't work on 10.2.1 Mp4.  You can try it out, this is an legacy article for PGP 9.6 but the idea is still the same:

if that doesn't work for you, message me on the forum with some specifics on what failed and an error message please.

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