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PGP WDE Bootlog error...

Created: 06 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

My PC crashed with a BootGuard error. My support staff say they cannot recover the data  in the hard drive, and have given me a new PC. Problem is that I want to recover the data from the original hard drive.

My support staff tried to use a PGP Recovery Boot disk. Unfortunately this returned an error - "Internal error accessing disk, 0x80".

There is something wrong with the disk's partition table.

Does anyone know what I can do to recover my data.

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couple of ways of doing it from what I can see.  Using a Windows PE disk with PGP, or plug the hard drive into another machine with PGP installed, and just try and decrypt from there.

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I would try pgpwde --recover if if an decryption attempt using weevils suggestions fails:

Open up a command prompt

cd "c:\program files" (or program files (x86) if 64-bit)

cd "pgp corporation\pgp desktop"

pgpwde --recover --disk 0 (or disk 1 if secondary drive) -p PASSPHRASE HERE

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You will need to burn the PGP recovery image to a CD, boot to it, and run the decryption.  Since the CD Recovery is only 16 bit processing, it can take a very long time - the decryption must not be stopped until complete, or you will lose your data. 

If your data is on the encrypted drive, you must decrypt it to have access to the data.

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Prem, can you please let me know how I can gte the 'PGP recovery image'.  Thanks in anticipation.

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Guys , need some help here on this,

unfortunately, with that message "Internal error accessing Disk 0x000000080" "Cannot continue. Press any key to halt system."

ok, the PGP recovery disk returns that message. Now, using a WIN 7 PE disk to boot system, I can get to system tools to do functions such as bootrec , bootsect, chkdsk, etc etc....Now, on another posting here I read that I could execute a FixMbr from the WIN 7 PE, but not clear if I can then boot correctly from the PGP recovery disk OR,,,,,,the WIN 7 PE disk. Unfortunately I do not have them combined they are separate disks (the WIN7 OS PE and the PGP recovery), also, when I slave the drive to a known good working platform, I do not see the disk whatsoever.

yet earlier today the PGP recovery disk was attempting to recover and errored out saying it could not continue and would not give me any reason for it.

any ideas here?