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PGP WDE Customization

Created: 12 Dec 2011 | 1 comment
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We are using PGP Desktop 10.2.0 MP3 and we have some issues regarding the customization of PGP WDE BootGuard. PGP Universal Server allows us only the customization of "Forgot your Passphrase? Contact IT Department". But there are other text areas we want to customize, for example, the "Press F1 for help" text.

On PGP Desktop 10.0.x - Resolved Issues page, it is mentioned some other fields such as "bgStaticTitleText". Is it possible to change the other text areas, with WDE command-line maybe?


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Not  sure about that. here is the full transcript of the pgpwde command, you can find in PGP Desktop folder.

Hope it helps

 PGP WDE command line tool.
Usage: pgpwde --action [--options,...]

  -h, --help
      Print this help

      Print disk system info

      Enumerate System Disks and Volumes

      List users and Offload info
      --disk, [--xml]

      Show Bootguard on disk configuration data

      Show command line version

      Add an internal disk to encrypted disk group
      --base, --disk, --user, -p, [--auto], [--keyid], [--interactive]

      Create an encrypted disk group
      --disk, --user, -p, [--auto], [--keyid], [--interactive]

      Start the disk Decryption process
      --disk, -p, [--keyid], [--interactive], [--wdrt],
      [--all], [--partition], [--aa]

      Print disk WDE status
      [--disk], [--xml]

      Start the disk Encryption process
      --disk, -p, [--keyid], [--interactive], [--all], [--partition],
      [--dedicated], [--fast], [--safe]

      Install WDE Configuration info on disk

      Offload Passphrase User info to 2-Factor Device
      --target, -p, [--interactive]

      Resume stopped process (encrypt or decrypt)
      --disk, -p, [--interactive]

      Encrypt a disk to a user and passphrase
      --disk, -p, --user, [--keyid], [--interactive], [--all], [--partition],
      [--dedicated], [--fast], [--safe]

      Stop WDE process (encrypt or decrypt)
      --disk, [--aa]

      Remove WDE Configuration Info from Disk

      Add user to disk or group
      --disk, --user, -p, [--domain], [--sso], [--keyid], [--interactive],
      [--asc], [--aa], [--ap], [--admin-keyid], [--wdrt]

      Change user passphrase
      --disk, --user, --new-passphrase, -p, [--interactive]

      Change user authentication domain
      --disk, --user, --new-domain

      Remove user from disk or group
      --disk, --user, -p, [--aa], [--ap], [--interactive]

      Verify user passphrase
      --disk, --user, -p, [--keyid], [--wdrt], [--interactive]

      Set a boot authentication bypass
      --disk, -p, [--count]
       [--aa], [--ap], [--admin-keyid], [--wdrt], [--interactive]

      Check if a boot authentication bypass is set

      Change the WDRT after use
      --disk, -p, [--force], [--aa], [--ap], [--wdrt], [--interactive]

      Clear boot authentication bypass
      --disk, -p, [--aa], [--ap], [--admin-keyid], [--wdrt], [--interactive]

      Set Bootguard authentication screen background
      --disk, --image, [-o]

      Set Bootguard display and keyboard languages
      --disk, [-o], [--display], [--keyboard]

      Set Bootguard accessibility Audio prompt
      --disk, [-o], [--beep], [--no-beep]

      Set Bootguard startup screen background
      --disk, --image, [-o]

      Set Bootguard authentication screen text message
      --disk, --message, [-o]

      Add a pci vendor:device id pair to pci exclusion list
      --disk, --id, [-o]

      Remove a pci vendor:device id pair from the pci exclusion list
      --disk, --id, [-o]

      Lists existing pci vendor:device id pairs in pci exclusion list
      --disk, [-o]

  --auth, --auth-disk
      Authenticate to an encrypted disk
      --disk, -p, [--aa], [--ap], [--admin-keyid], [--wdrt], [--interactive]

      Configure User Local Self Recovery
       --disk, -p, --user, [--question-file], [--answers-file],

      Display the users Local Self Recovery questions
       --disk, --user

      Authenticate a disk from the users Local Self Recovery questions
       --disk, --user, [--answer-file], [--interactive]

      Remove a users Local Self Recovery questions and answers
       --disk, -p, --user

       Change a users passphrase via Local Self Recovery
       --disk, --user, --new-passphrase


  -a, --ap, --admin-passphrase=STRING
      Specifies the passphrase of an existing PGP WDE user

  --aa, --admin-authorization
      Specifies that the command is authorized by member of the WDE-ADMIN
       Active Directory group

  --admin-keyid, --admin-key=0x9FEE0648
      Admin PGP Key ID (only with admin-passphrase)

  --all, --all-partitions
      Specifies the use of partition mode encryption on all partitions
      (Default: Full Disk)

  --auto, --auto-start
      Starts encryption immediately

  --base, --base-disk=NUM
      Specifies the disk number of the original group

      Enables beep when PGP BootGuard screen appears

      Disables beep when PGP BootGuard screen appears

  -d, --disk, --disk-number=NUM
      Specifies the number of the target disk. Zero (0) is boot disk

  --dedicated, --dedicated-mode
      Specifies that dedicated mode be used

  --display, --display-language=STRING
      Specifies the PGP BootGuard display language
        default, de, en, es, fr, jp (Default: No change)

  --domain, --domain-name=STRING
      Specifies the user authentication domain

  -f, --force
      Continues encryption, even if disk issues are encountered

  --fast, --fast-mode
      Use fast mode

      vendor device id of pci device to exclude

      Ask for Passphrases interactively (-p not required)

  --image, --art=STRING
      Specifies an image file to be used (XPM 640 x 480 15 color)

  -k, --keyid, --user-key=0x9FEE0648
      Specifies the key ID of a PGP key

  --keyboard, --keyboard-language=STRING
      Specifies the PGP BootGuard keyboard language
        Default                         default
        Belgium (Comma, Period)         be
        Bosnian                         ba
        Bosnian (Cyrillic)              ba-cyr
        Bulgarian                       bg
        Bulgarian (Latin)               bg-lat
        Bulgarian (Typewriter)          bg-typ
        Croatian                        hr
        Canadian (Multilingual STD)     ca
        Canadian (French)               fr-ca
        Chinese (Simplified)            cn-sim
        Chinese (Traditional)           cn-tra
        Czech (Qwerty)                  cz
        Danish                          dk
        Dutch                           nl
        English (United States)         en
        English (United Kingdom)        en-gb
        English (Ireland)               en-ie
        English (International)         us-int
        Estonian                        ee
        French                          fr
        French (Belgium)                be
        German                          de
        German (Austria)                de-at
        German (IBM)                    de-ibm
        Hebrew                          il
        Hungarian                       hu
        Hungarian (101)                 hu-101
        Icelandic                       is
        Italian                         it
        Italian (142)                   it-142
        Japanese                        jp
        Korean  (Korean)                kr
        Norwegian (Bokmal, Nynorsk)     no
        Polish (Programmers)            pl
        Polish (214)                    pl-214
        Portugese (Portugal)            por-pt
        Portugese (Brazil ABNT, ABNT2)  por-br
        Romanian                        ro
        Russian                         ru
        Serbian (Cyrillic)              sp-cyr
        Serbian (Latin)                 sp-lat
        Slovak                          sk
        Slovenian                       si
        Swiss (German)                  de-ch
        Swiss (French)                  fr-ch
        Spanish                         es
        Spanish (Variation)             es-var
        Spanish (Latin America)         es-la
        Swedish (Finland)               se-fi
        Turkish F                       tr-f
        Turkish Q                       tr-q
        Ukrainian                       ua

      Specifies custom message for PGP BootGuard screen
      (one line) (Disables Message if missing)

      Specifies a new domain for a user

      Specifies a new passphrase for an existing user

  -o, --output=STRING
      Bootguard file to configure
      (Pre-configured instrument file)

  -p, --passphrase=STRING
      Specifies a passphrase for an operation

      Specifies a partition for an operation

  --rt, --wdrt, --recovery-token=STRING
      Specifies a whole disk recovery token

  --safe, --safe-mode
      Specifies that safe mode be used

      Creates user as single sign-on user

      Target Disk for User Records (Source is Boot Disk)

      Specifies a token user

  -u, --user, --username=STRING
      Specifies a username for an operation

      Output XML

       Text file with 5 questions each on a new line

       Text file with 5 answers each on a new line

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