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PGP WDE Decryption is stuck at 99%

Created: 22 May 2013 | 2 comments

I started a decryption process yesterday and left the system on for the past 24 hour and have not seen any progress on a Win7, T520 Lenovo. When I look at my resource monitor I am not seeing the disk usage that I would expect. If I attempt to Stop/Pause the decryption process it brings up the passphrase and I input my passphrase but nothing happens. It also prompts when opening up PGP Desktop a prompt comes up saying, "PGP services are not currently running and thus not all PGP functionality will be available. Would you like to start all PGP services now?" I hit yes and the PGP Desktop client opens up.

When I look through task manager I see the PGP RDD Service is set to automatic and started. I can reboot the system successfully and get past the initial PGP boot screen and into windows just fine. So I am wondering what services are running or if something is not starting up during start up. I would like to find a solution if possible prior to using the WDE Recovery CD for decryption or reimaging the hard drive. 

I appreciate any response or support regarding this issue.

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If you use the command line tool, and see what highwater mark and number of sectors you can tell if its actually decrypting:

pgpwde --status --disk 0

This command will tell you the total sectors on disk and the highwatermark.  Do this once, make a note of the highwatermark number, then wait 2 minutes and do it again.  If the highwatermark is going down its decrypting, if not you need to troubleshoot further

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Thanks Alex,

I did use that command and saw that there was no progress. As I needed a quick solution I was not able to further troubleshoot beyond that. So instead I opted to have another hard drive re-imaged and using that in my current laptop with a fresh PGP install to decrypt the drive in Windows and it appears to be working; as I am sure this is the most recommended method to retreive the data and start anew. I will go ahead and post if this was successful, but I have high confidence that it will.

I do feel this forum has been most helpful and probably didn't need to create this post but wanted to determine if I was missing a service or what additional troubleshooting could be done. As PGP encryption is a requirement for our business unit I am sure I will be using these forums and look to help others as well.

Thanks for taking time to respond. cheeky