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PGP WDE laptop. O/S updated from xp to win7 while disk was encrypted.

Created: 14 Apr 2014 | 2 comments

o/s upgraded from xp to Win7 on the primary drive C.

Drive D is inaccessible, which has data stored.

How can I retreive data from drive D?

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Hello Mahmood,

Have you formatted the C drive during OS upgrade?

If yes then the encryption session keys stored on C drive have also been erased which leads to situation of inaccessible D drive.

It is always recommended to perform operating system upgrade using steps provided below.

  1. Backup your PGP Keypair.
  2. Decrypt any system disks encrypted with PGP Whole Disk Encryption.
  3. Uninstall PGP Desktop.
  4. Upgrade the operating system.
  5. Install PGP Desktop.
  6. Import your PGP keypair.
  7. Encrypt your system disk.

Use this tech article for any further information.

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Try to cascade your hard drive on a workstation with PGP installed then decrypt it using your credential or admin credential. You can retrieve your data upon decryption.

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