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PGP WDE Tech Questions

Created: 10 Jul 2012 • Updated: 17 Jul 2012 | 5 comments
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Dear Sir, 
We have the PGP enterprise case no. 01832770. And then, we got another case id no. which is: 03895692
1. We would like to ask if PGP enterprise can support and encrypt up to 6TB hard drive?
2. Can any version of PGP Desktop support only support MBR, but not GPT partition?

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I believe this Knowledge Base Article will answer your questions.  There is not a size limit for WDE.

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Thanks for your information. I have checked it and it looks like it doesn't mention if GPT is supported by PGP.

For the size of hard drive, we have tested it on the PGP Desktop Enterprise, but, we couldn't encrypt the whole 6TB hard drive which is internal. We need to partition it before we can encrypt and the max size on Windows 7 can only encrypt 2TB.

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GPT IS supported by PGP, I assume this is for OSX?  There is no size limit for WDE.

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I think I found out even though there is no size limit for PGP WDE, if the partition is using MBR, then, WDE can only partition to 2TB. That's what happen in our Windows 7.

If we are using GPT partition, perhaps PGP WDE can encrypt to 9.4ZB since this is the limitation for GPT, right?

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That is correct, it is the file limitations in the file system themselves that limits PGPWDE, there are no file size limitations at all in PGP WDE

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