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PGP WDE Tools installed inside Dart

Created: 06 Nov 2012 • Updated: 06 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi Guys/Gals

I have a quick question (about 10 minutes reading cheeky) for everyone and would be much appreciated if somebody could help me.

I have recently decided to build a PGP WDE Recovery disk to allow our team to repair computer that has corrupted during updates, boot manager going missing, etc etc. Our current solution is to do a back up of the contents of the disk and do a full fresh rebuild + re-encrypt (this takes around 2-3 days)

So far I have been able to build a Dart disk
Then taken the .wim file from the disk and imported the PGP WDE command line tools which installed successfully

I then reimport the .wim back into the ISO and burn this ISO and put it into a PGP'ed laptop and boot from the disk

When Dart loads I get prompted to enable network connectivity and then map drives (yes in both cases)

I then get prompted to pick an OS but it is blank but i can continue to the Dart tools. When i open command prompt it allows me to pgpwde --enum and i can see the disk but it is not active.

When I then do the pgpwde --auth --disk 0 --passphrase *password inserted here* command it then brings the disk live and shows the 2 partitions which i am able to explore and view in command prompt and the explorer application inbuilt into Dart.

Now when i try to user locksmith for example it says I need a supported offline OS or if I try to do a system repair it is not able to find the OS

Also when I try a netstart.exe -remount or -prompt it get an error message back informing me that it "Failed to install all execution hooks required"

Is it possible to unlock the disk before Dart starts??

If anybody has any experience creating a Dart recovery disk or other recovery disks besides Dart for PGP that enable a quicker turn around than 3 days your input is much appreciated and valued

OS = Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit
Dart version = Dart 7.0
PGP Version = 10.2 MP4 Build 2526

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Got a bit of a grey area there where the culprit is.  Is it DaRT or PGP... :)

Not knowing a lot about DaRT but I'll give my 2 pennies.  If DaRT is trying to use an encrypted disk its going to struggle until its authenticated, once its authenticated and unlocked it will act as a normal HDD.  So like you say you need to be able to unlock the disk before DaRT starts.

You say that you dont get anywhere once you authenticate.  What happens if you re-run the DaRT console once you do pgpwde --auth? 

So it would be:

pgpwde --auth blahblah

winpeshl.exe - that should relaunch the console hopefully with an active disk!

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