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PGP WDE WIN 7 folder redirection keyring

Created: 03 Jun 2011


 As part of our Windows 7 roll out we are redirecting users’ mydocuments folder to a NAS. People who have done this manually (everyone who has tried so far) have been getting a “can not find keyring files” error.

 have considered redirecting the keyring folder by PGP application group configuration policy but have some concerns. We currently have all users defaulting to one group policy and I do not want to create administrative overhead by having another pgp user group. Is there a best practice for dealing with folder redirection? I have read that the issue was addressed in 10.0.2.

What would happen to pgp wde machines if the keyring folder were in a different place than the current group policy keyring setting?  

 We are running PGP WDE only with 10.1.2 on our Win 7 clients, 9.9.1 on the existing XP clients, and a 3.1.2 Universal server with ~5000 users.