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PGP WDE for Win XP Win 7 Dual Boot - MBR and PGPWDE01 not Sync

Created: 18 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

I Installed Win XP on Disk 0 Partition 0 first, and then Win 7 on Disk 0 Partition 1, and Disk 0 Partition 2 for Data Storage. The computer is dual boot and managed by Win7 boot loader. The C:\ Drive is automatically assigned to partition 0 in Win XP and partition 1 in Win 7.

I installed PGPWDE on both OS, and encrypted whole disk 0 (all partitions) in Win XP. After encryption, once I switch the OS (from Win7 to WinXP or from WinXP to Win7) the PGP generated pgpsync file in partition 0 and said the PGPWDE01 moved, the MBR and PGPWDE01 do not point to the same sector, then PGP repair the error with err=0.

1) What's the reason for the MBR and PGPWDE01 not Sync?

2) Is my disk still safe and protected by PGPWDE?

3) Anyway to fix this?

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Since you are using the Win7 bootloader, it seems like you may avoid this problem if you encrypted your disk from within Win7.

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