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PGP for Windows 7

Created: 28 Aug 2012 | 4 comments


Have been a PGP user for some years- chiefly version 8.1 used with Windows XP for home use.

I've now been forced to 'upgrade' to Windows 7.

Is there a free version of PGP available which is compatible with this OS? My main usage is encrytpting files for secure e-mail transfer.

Hope someone can help,

Thanks, Nick

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Windows 7 support started with version 9.12.  You can install the current Trial either directly as Freeware, or for the 90 day trial period, after which it will revert to the Freeware level of functioning.  As with prior Freeware versions, the license does not allow commercial use of the Freeware.

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I am in the same position. I have many emails and many files encrypted with PGP 8.1 (and earlier versions) and I want to be able to decrypt these files now I have to upgrade my workstation for XP to Windows 7.

I have no problems buying the 9.12 version of PGP Desktop, but will that decrypt files and emails that are encryptes with earlier versions of PGP or will still it be able to encrypt email sent with Eudora?

You also write something about a Freeware level of functioning. What can the paid version do that the freeware version cannot?

Thanks in advance.

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I doubt that you can still purchase the 9.12 license, but regardless, 9.12 and all newer versions retain backward compatibility.  Of course, this requires that you retain your private key if files are encrypted to your existing public key.  I've never been a Eudora user, but the current email proxy should work fine with it for new email.  If your old email is still encrypted, you will probably have to use the now included PGP Viewer to decrypt them. 

You might want to consider trying an installation of the Trial.  The software is the same - it is only the license that differentiates it from the purchased software level of functioning - you can just purchase and apply the new license if you are satisfied with it.

In addition to the Freeware license not allowing commercial use, the email proxy only processes incoming email.  File encryption continues to function.  There is no Netshare, Virtual Disk or Whole Disk Encryption functioning with this license.  It also does not support Exchange servers.  The Trial license is full functioning for 90 days.

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Thanks very much Tom- I will give that a go.