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pgp:generate key (3071:too many user IDs specified)

Created: 04 Apr 2014 • Updated: 07 May 2014 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there,

I've just installed PGP commandline 10.0.

I have entered the license info and then I created a new keypair with the command 

pgp --gen-key "NAME <MAIL@AAA.COM>" --key-type rsa --encryption-bits 2048 --signing-bits 2048 --passphrase 'SOMEWORD'

I've repeated this process several times because I'm creating a manual for another department.

In between I've used pgp --remove-key-pair NAME --force to delete the existing keypair.

Suddently I came to a point where I can't create a new keypair anymore, I see the following error message:

pgp:generate key (3071:too many user IDs specified)

What should I do?

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Hi John7,

How many keypairs do you have?
Have you attempted to create a new keyring (before, backup the existing one, just in case)?

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I have only one eypair on;ly its seems to be empty.

When I choose pgp --list-keys the result is 0 keys found

When I choose pgp --create-keyrings I get 1008:keyring already exists

When I move the keyrring files to another location and use the command pgp --create-keyrings the keypair is generated.

Then when I try to genreate the keyp[air aagain I get the same error messsage 3071:too many user IDs specified

when I choose pgp --remove-key-pair "NAME <>" I see 2002:key to edit not found

When I uninstall the whole softwar, restart the server and install it again I get the same problem after licensing the software.

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What OS are you installing on?  On windows the keys by default will be in your My Documents folder.

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I'm installing on W2k8 R2

I've added the system variable:



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Is there anything inside this when you uninstall?

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I've just installed the software on another system and I'm getting the same error message.

could this be related to my license?

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I found out that I was missing one - sign in my command line... thanks for your help all!