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PGPWDE command line disk encryption errors

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

All -

we are testing PGP desktop 10.3 on windows 7 clients. We want it in such a way that the PGP desktop software gets installed but DOES not start the disk encryption automatically. We then want to script the pgpwde aommand line to encrypt the disk with the --fast-mode and --dedicated option.

I have tried

pgpwde --secure --disk 0 --fast-mode --dedicated --username "name" --passphrase "phrase" --all (we get failure to secure the drive, failed to open file C:)

also when i try to do the following

pgpwde --instrument --disk 0  (i get instrumention error)

Not sure what i am doing wrong. I am trying the exact commands from the command line manual but cannot get it too to work.

If i do it from the UI, then i am able to encrypt the hard drive. Not sure what commands it uses internally to do this.



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I would recommend making sure that the user that you are running these commands as is a valid user on the machine who is enrolled with the Symantec Encryption Management Server.

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