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plan for new SMS installation

Created: 15 Feb 2010 • Updated: 19 Aug 2010 | 1 comment
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Hello I am trying to plan a new SMS implementation

The client has 18 exchange servers that we will install SMS on, they currently ave trend micro, but this will be removed to install sep

there are 26,000 mailboxes spread accross all exchange servers

all servers are on the same subnet

it is was ad forrest

there are no clusters

My plan is to get all the specs from each exchange server

from there I will put a plan togetehr for the install for each server

then a plan for a management server so that they can manage from one location

they are doing nothing with the SPAM

so I have a couple questions doe steh quarantine server the same as one for the SMS server or is this a dedicated server that needs to be installed specifically for qarantine

does everything look good above am i missing anything?

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Hi Zenworksb,

There shouldn't be any trouble in administering 18 SMSMSE installations from one SMSMSE console.  Just perform a console only install on one workstation and use that consistently for all the Exchange servers.  An article that can help is How to Install Symantec Information Foundation Mail Security 6.x for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server/Server 2003

SEP and SMSMSE are designed to work well together.  On 32-bit servers, SEP will automatically share its AV definitions with SMSMSE.  For more information, please see Configuring LiveUpdate when Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange and Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition or Symantec Endpoint Protection are installed together

Each SMSMSE install has its own quarantine directory, but the product can be configured to forward viral components to a central Quarantine Server.  In practice, though, I have always found it easier to just keep the message parts quarantined by each SMSMSE server on its original location.  Quarantine Server cannot handle everything that SMSMSE quarantines: see Items quarantined for content filtering violations are not forwarded to the Central Quarantine Server  From the SMSMSE console, it is an easy enough job to release or delete the quarantined items as needed.

Be sure to let the forum know if this answers your question, or if there are more points with which we can help!

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