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PLease HELP, Backup Exec - Restore not showing files

Created: 14 Mar 2013 | 5 comments


We lost 2 drives this weekend.  I've got a temporary server environment set up.   I did a catalog on the tape drives.

When I go to restore all it shows is the active directory stuff - none of the files.

I don't really care about setting up the DC at the moment, I just need the stuff from our shared drive.

Any guess on why it doesn't show any of our files.   It doesn't even show the files on the OS drive let alone the shared drive.

We are running BE 2010 R3 with all the latest patches. - ran live update a number of times.

Our server is windows 2003 R2.

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Is the date range in your selection list correct? BE tends to select some random range instead of the date range the tape was used...


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By "shared drive": if you mean DFSR? Try expanding the Shadow Copy Components to see if the files are listed there?

Also, on the restore selections area, make sure it doesn't have any specific date range selected above.

Was the full back job spanned over multiple tapes?

Did you catalog the medias with "User Storage-media based catalogs" checked? (check under Tools- Options - Catalogs)

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I could be looking in the wrong place.  I catalogued 3 tapes.  This is in another country so I can't access the media directly.

Our server had two drive volumes - C: and D:   On the D: drive was a shared folder.   We had it set to backup c: d: active directory and Exchange.   All I see here is the active directory to restore.

 There is nothing in the exclude

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Click on the View by Resource tab and see whether you can see the C: and D: drive.  Also, check the joblog of the backup job to see that the C: and D: drives are actually backed up.

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I do not know how to check the joblog of the backups if I'm trying to restore to a server that is wiped out.  They ran the backups on the production server - this is not a seperate backup server.

They are not listed there either.