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Point Deployment Agent to different server than Symantec Management Agent

Created: 27 Jun 2012 | 2 comments
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We have a NS server (on Win2003) in place with the Symantec Management Agent on our PC's.

We want to run the latest version of Deployment Solution but it requires Win 2008 R2 so going to build a new server just for Deployment. Can the PC's with the Symantec Agent installed pointing to server NS1 have the Deployment Agent pointing to server DS1?

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No. Because, SMA on you PCs will either point to DS1's SMA or NS1 SMA & ultimately will use DS from respective server.

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Do you mean to say, on same machine if you have SMA and Deployment Agent then could you point SMA to server-1 and Deployment Agent to server-2.

Answer to this is NO.

Basically it's SMA which does job of making your machine managed. Deployment Agent is just a plugin which talks with your SMA.Deployment Agent cannot directly contact server, instead it contact it SMA and SMA forword the communication to your server. So pointing Deployment Agent to some server cannot be achived.