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Created: 13 Sep 2013 | 4 comments

Hello all, I am new to the CSP product coming from an ESM background, but I am searching for where the policies are stored in file format, whether on the CSP Manager or in the SQL DB. I have been searching for these files so that I can view them since the CSP Authoring Tool for the policies seems to have been removed and I understand no longer supported?

I have over 1500 agents that I need to make minor tweeks to based on the CSP logfiles collected and I really would like to find an easier way to edit these policy files at the command-line rather than having to edit all of them via the GUI tool. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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You can export the policies into file format, just right click on them and go to export, or left click on the polcy and click on the export button.

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you can use policy authoring tool

Symantec Critical System Protection 5.2.9 Policy Authoring Guide
Article:DOC5949  |  Created: 2012-08-22  |  Updated: 2012-08-22  |  Article URL
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The SCSP Policy Authoring Tool is no longer shipped with the product because there is no support for the tool.  However, it is available for those that want it, with the caveat that you cannot call Symantec support for help with the tool.

If you would like a copy, PM me with the version you are running, and I will get you a copy.

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The policy files are not stored in the database, they are created on the fly when a CSP agent asks for the policy.

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