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Policy manager Slow in Java console

Created: 11 Apr 2013 • Updated: 04 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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I have upgraded netbackup master from 6.5.5 to, my issue is when I click policy manger it took more than 15minutes to dsaply all policies? Any one faces this issue?

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Other people have experienced this issue and as far as i can tell it was resolved in two ways:

1. Ensure DNS is good - 7.5 does a lot more reverse lookups

2. Delete any non existant (decomissioned) servers from the polcies and server lists - so when you look at the Master Servers Host Properties - Servers section ensure that there are no servers / media servers in the list that do not exist and also check your policies for any servers that no longer exist.

Once these are cleared out it will stop trying to locate servers that no longer exist

See if this helps

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My guess would be DNS issues. Ensure names of Netbackup servers and clients are working correctly.

In this scenario it could be the primary DNS server not responding or responding very slow.

You may disable reverse name lookup by placing REVERSE_NAME_LOOKUP = PROHIBITED in bp.conf

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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I'm going on a tangent rant here. Why does Symantec feel like they have to do these things? First it was trying to cache a connection to all the hosts when opening the GUI, then it is trying to play DNS server by caching the connection info, trying to determine which network is right for me to use (i.e. PREFERRED_NETWORK), and now this with the policies. When will you guys stop doing this?

/rant off

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I have deleted all policies and host entries which are decomissioned. And added REVERSE_NAME_LOOKUP = PROHIBITED entry in bp.conf. Still no luck!! its taking more than 15minutes to list the policies.

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Make sure your java GUI is patched to the latest version,

You can also try this technote:

It involves a new or replacement file on your Master and the locations you are running the Java Admin GUI from. However, I think this has more to do with the specific fix mentioned in the article, but we placed this file and it improved time to open the policies screen...however it is still slower than before the upgrade.

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My masster is in, will GUI will work?

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Suggest a little debugging to try and isolate - theres several consoles I can have

windows client -> remote (ux) master via windows java gui

windows client -> remote master via xdisplay java gui ie jnbSA on server with xdisplay to windows client

windows client -> remote master via NBAC non-java

other options are available...

So pick which others you could use and see if they are better or worse: might rule Java out completely...might not....worth a go IMO.