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Policy modification data

Created: 27 Jan 2013 • Updated: 14 Feb 2013 | 7 comments
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I have one auditable query. I want the data of policy modifcation. When policy has change what change has been made and from which id.
I required the last 6 month data.
Any idea how to get it.

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you will get to know who made the changes however the changes that have been made is not currently available.

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So you mean that this information not store in sep database

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Yes, Currently this details not available in sepm database

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Agreed with above comments.

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The Audit log contains information about policy modification activities, such as the event times and types, policy modifications, domains, sites, administrators, and descriptions.

The default Audit quick report is called Policies Used. View the Policies Used report to monitor the policies in use in your network, by group. You can look at the Audit log when you want to see which administrator changed a particular policy and when.

Check this -

About the reports you can run

Check these Articles:

About log types

About Computer Status reports and logs

About the different types of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Reports

For Client updates:

Monitors > Logs >  [Log type] System > [Log content] Client Activity > Advanced Settings > [Event type] Installation events


If you're using AutoUpgrade method to upgrade your clients, you can also try the following:

Monitors > Logs >  [Log type] System > [Log content] Client-Server Activity > Advanced Settings > [Event type] AutoUpgrade download


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Have a look here:

About the information in the Audit report and log per KB:

- audit report will give you information about policies being used and policy assignements

- audit log will show you all the policy related activities (policy added. edited etc.) - and what administrator has implemented the changes.