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Policy not executed on client machine as scheduled

Created: 30 Jul 2013 • Updated: 03 Aug 2013 | 5 comments
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I have a powershell script that runs on a particulare computer to backup a file.


I set up the task as a policy to run everyday at 2am. The status of the policy on the target computer shows "Compliant" with the correct Next Run date/time.

But the policy does not run at all! The policy never ran once actually!!. The task executes sucessfully when ran manually. It seems that there is a problem with the Symantec agent. I tried resetting the agent but the problem persisted. For you infor, the policy is activated.

Are there other troubleshooting steps that I should take/look out for?

thank you in advance

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if the policy shows compliant the remediation task will never be scheduled to run. Thats the aim of the policy to get the client compliant and no more actions are necessary. Do you have a detection rule activated in the policy? Try to deactivate so the client don't know what compliance mean and so the policy will run on your schedule.


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Hi md investigate

thank you for your explaination regarding the option Compliance and Remediation. I did not quite understand the use of these two options.

I dont think I have any detection rule activated.

here are the settings of my policy:


Compliance: Start: 2am repeat daily

remediation: option checked "if the software is not found, install it" Schedule. start: 2am

I just activated the remediation option, so I will see if this will make a difference

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just have a try with the option "run immediately" for remediation setting. As I understand you want to check at 2 am and want to have installed at 2 am. I'm not sure how this is processed as there is no time gap. So just try run immediately.


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hi md

thank you, i just updated my policy and updated the client configuration. will see tomorrow morning if the script will run

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hi md,

the policy was ran as scheduled. I checked the status of the policy and it stated "Unknown or not started"

thank you for you assistance