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Poll - are you happy with Symantec's stewardship of the PGP WDE product for Mac?

Created: 04 Aug 2012 • Updated: 24 Jun 2013 | 11 comments

Simple - not biased.  You are either happy, unhappy or you're not sure.  Opinions please.  

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Mike_John's picture

Absolutely NOT! I'm awating open source encryption for the Mac a-la TrueCrypt.

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When it works, it works.  When it does not work do not expect a quick resolution.  Or an easy resolution.  Or any significant help from the forums or help desk.

But when it works, it does a fine job.  When it works.

Just dont encrypt your external hard drive, then ask why it wont access any of the information you were able to hundreds of times before.  You can wait patiently for an answer.  I waited for more than a week.  I am still waiting.

So conclusion:

When it works, it is just fine!  Be sure that the important information you are encrypting is not something you really want to access readily.  It may be weeks (if ever) you get that information back in working order again.

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To be fair, the employees who work the Tech sector of PGP are great.  They truly work their tails off to get the resolutions in a (usually) timely manner. 

My frustration is from the lack of Symantec interest in keeping the Mac platform up and running as smoothly as their other products and OS's.

The PGP product is great.  It is the only thing out on the market that lets you feel secure and in complete control of your computer and information.  The tech staff is second to none, but it seems that they need WAY more help than symantec is providing them with.  Your product sometimes is only as good as the resources that you give it.

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Playing Devil's Advocate, some blame does need to be pointed at Apple, they are a closed door when it comes to pre-release, so when they update their products out in the wild, the updated versions are actually different than the pre-release ones the developers get.

99% of the problems with the Mac product are the WDE side of it, and because even slight OS changes renders a WDE unstable, they have to make sure it works, because releasing a dodgy version of WDE is very dangerous as I'm sure you can understand

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I have stopped using pgp completely. I no longer consider it a reliable enough product to commit important data to it. Open source gpg is good enough for my needs; not as convenient maybe,  but usable.

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NO!  Fileconnect is TERRIBLE!  I can't believe how many codes and numbers I have.  And the funny thing, is I have the correct info and it doesn't work!!!!!  I couldn't even file a case number.  Thank goodness for this forum.  It's the only thing good about this.

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Nope. More junk from an overextended *edited for language by admin* team. 

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No, I am not satisfied.  I have a problem with a small login using the Macbook Pro retina display.  I think a fix has been released, by my organization has not figured out how to distribute it yet.

I am also getting startup problems from sleep, and recenly new PGP login windows are appearing after I log into PGP.  Symantec's technical support is non-responsive.

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RHM5, did you receive a follow-up on your support issue?  The issue with the small macbook pro retina display issue was resolved several product releases ago with 10.2.1 MP4 (Build 4961) or later I believe.  The sleep mode issues are due to the changes in Apple's new power management API's in OS X 10.8 and there is currently a feature request in place to enhace our product to work better with those power management features.  I am curious who the technicians were that you were working with in Support. Feel free to email me via the forum if you woud like to provide feedback. I'm usally pretty open to respond.

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RHM5 posts 4 months ago and gets a reply now a full 4 months later?  

This is the problem.  No one at Symantec cares.

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both of these issues are documented in our knowledgebase system online.

The apple display issue is found here under resolved issues for 10.3.0:

The PGP BootGuard screen for Symantec Encryption Desktop for Mac OS X has been updated to accommodate Apple's Retina display resolution. [2830692]

Older forum threads on providing feedback like these aren't read as often by support. My apologies in slow communication.

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