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A Poll Regarding Symantec Connect Polls

Created: 22 Jun 2011 • Updated: 11 Jan 2013 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Well, usually forums such as this one have a "Testing" area in order for you to try out new features before you go ahead and make a jerk of yourself in front of the entire internetted world. I'm hoping that this is that area, otherwise I haven't been able to find it. So I made a test Poll to explore what features you actually have when on this site when you create a poll (First glance, polls are very severely limited). Please answer here:

Since it appears you cannot explain your answer within the confines of a poll, it appears the best way to create a poll when you expect an actual intelligent reply is to link it to a post forum. And thus, the reason for creating this thread, to figure out exactly how to do so in a more meaningful forum. Thanks folks.

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...I think their polls are normally just to get an idea of what people are thinking via selected answers. That would make organising the results a lot easier. Also, with the amount of spammers doing the rounds, they'd add a lot of rubbish by being allowed to post comments on honest opinion.

Why not create a blog around this so that people can post on that? Otherwise go to the Ideas section and post it there?

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I was really just exploring the limits and features of creating a poll on the site, as there was an actual poll I wanted to create in a product's forum, where I did want to be able to discuss the results, but I was unsure of how to proceed. I see now that you can pretty adequately achieve your desired result by first creating a poll, and then linking to it from a forum post. It's a bit of a two-step process, but it works adequately enough for my purposes.

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Interesting. Note one more thing. The poll does not also carry 'Who created it?' Since there is an option to Create a poll for everyone I think the poll page should have an indicator on who created it to combat any potential abuse in this area.

DustinW's picture

There might be potential for abuse there, but where exactly is the poll, if you don't link to it with a forum post? I can't find any of my polls. So basically I "take ownership" of the poll once I create the forum post to discuss it.

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I don't think that there's a potential abuse threat in polls even without the record on who have created this particular poll. Anyway information about poll creator is available to admins, so they are able to stop abuse at any time.

I am sure that the poll is just a small useful tool to get quick overview on the problem and thus it was designed to be simple. E.g. someone has the problem with the database backup and has two Oracle versions in his/her environment: one version works and the other - fails to restore. To obtain information on which version other community members have (or don't have) similar problems - our user can create poll and then attach it to a forum thread asking colleagues just to answer the question.


deepak.vasudevan's picture

>>I can't find any of my polls.

I was about to suggest that the contributions we make are enumerated in our account area<your...

But I am really surprised that 'Polls' is not mentioned anywhere in the contribution stats. I think it looks like another issue. Let us if some Connect Admin can help us tide over this shortcoming.

DustinW's picture

If you'll look to the right of the screen, underneath the poll, you'll see a link for Older Polls. Taking a look at those polls, and seeing many that have only 1 vote, I think we can infer that very few people are linking polls to discussion posts, and thus those polls are going completely unnoticed on the Connect website.

I'm inclined to agree that the Polls function does require a bit of work to be more effective. Poll authorship and a more prominent location within the forums would both be helpful, imo.

deepak.vasudevan's picture

I have observed it too. I think as I said earlier because the 'Polls' are currently suffering from a lack of prominent visibility from vantage areas like 'Profile Page' this might be the offshoot. I have also PM'ed the connect admin on this issue.

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Polls are designed to be attached to a blog or forum discussion. They do not appear on the site individually. (Without being tied to another utility.) As a result, they don't show up in your activity feed.