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Polling for bound Server at end of task

Created: 15 May 2006 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 1 comment

I am using GSS 1.0. I am trying to create a back-up regiment for my CEO's office PC. I am familar with Ghost console since 7.5. What I am experiencing is the machine is listed in the console, the task executes successfully, the back-up image is sent to the server, the problem occurs after the image is dumped to the server the client machine never stops polling for the server. When I check the task log it says Clone failed (Client timed out). Like I said before the image is successfully created but the client is not able to report back to the server at the conclusion of the cloning process. I can't have the CEO walk into his office and see his machine polling for my server. I'd like this process to be transparent to him or any other clients I run this task on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm. On how many machines is this occurring? And when did this behaviour begin?

My first suggestion would be to grab some packet sniffing software like Ethereal from and use that to try and capture a trace of what happens at the end of the cloning process.

That tool can then be used to determine whether there is actually traffic being sent out to the network during the point where the management client regains control.

If there is, then we have to try and diagnose the network. If there isn't, then our diagnosis has to concentrate on the machine.

For instance, if the machine no longer generates any outbound traffic, one possibility is that the network adapter happens to have some resource overlap (like an IRQ) with some other device for which Ghost has a built-in driver, and when Ghost's built-in drivers shut down they disable the network adapter.