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Pop warnings while opening archived notes

Created: 25 Apr 2013 • Updated: 03 May 2013 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am facing an issue where users are getting pop up warnings when they open any archived note from lotus notes client. After selecting to trust the execution, it allows us to open the mail, but its very irritating.

How do I stop this? Please help.

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Has this ever worked correctly?

What version of EV, Notes, and Domino Server?

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This seems related to ECL.You use an execution control list (ECL) to configure workstation data security. An ECL protects user workstations against active content from unknown or suspect sources, and can be configured to limit the action of any active content that does run on workstations. The ECL determines whether the signer of the code is allowed to run the code on a given workstation, and defines the access that the code has to various workstation functions. For example, an ECL can prevent another person's code from running on a computer and damaging or erasing data.

If the EV Archiving ID and Signing ID are different then, give ruiqred ECL rights to Signing ID

  1. Open names.nsf in Domino Administrator.
  2. Actions->’Edit Administration ECL’.
  3. Allow everything for ‘EV Archive’  (remember to switch to all ‘workstation security’, ‘Java applet security’ and ‘Javascript security’).   (Note: Not all ECLs are actually required. Documentation state the minimum required). (This can also be done from File->Security->User Security ->What others do).

If you want to know the minimus ECL permissions required refer "Setting up domino server archiving" guide.

■ The following Execution Control List (ECL) permissions:

■ Access to file system

■ Access to current database

■ Access to external code

■ Ability to read other databases

■ Ability to modify other databases

■ Ability to export data

Granting permissions to users of Vault Cache

You must grant the following ECL permissions to Vault Cache users:

■ Access to current database

■ Access to environment variables

■ Ability to read other databases

■ Ability to modify other databases

■ Access to external code