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Possible to initiate configuration update on a system from the server

Created: 28 Aug 2013 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello All,

     I wanted to see if it was possible from the server to tell a system to send an updated configuration.  Currently we are finding that if a remote user logs on to the VPN they may get a different IP address then what our Console is showing.  So if they need remote help we are not able to connect to them.  The only we can do it is for the Configuration Update on the client by going to the settings and clicking the Update button or waiting the interval time which is currently 1 hour.  Is it possbile from the server side to force it to update so we get the new IP address and can then remote in a lot easier?  Thanks again everyone for all the help.

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Yes, it's possible.  Go to Manage/Jobs and Tasks/Samples/Notification Server, and send the Update Client Configuration task to the system(s) you want.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried updading it from the console but the task shows as Not Started and in the Status Detail Start Pending.  It just seems to sit in that mode.  I waited some time and tried to connect but when I do that it still tries to connect using the old IP address.  Only way I can update it is to do a Send of the Basic Inventory from the client.  

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I should have read more carefully.  The only way I've gotten my systems to be responsive after a VPN connection is to restart the Altiris Agent service.  This is because the connection to the site server will break upon establishing the VPN connection.

If it's possible in your environment, I'd suggest having a script fire off when the computers get onto the VPN that runs:

\program files\altiris\altiris agent\aexagentutil.exe /restart
\program files\altiris\altiris agent\aexagentutil.exe /sendbasicinventory

That way, the agent gets restarted, then sends its info to the NS.

Hope this helps.

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That's what i needed.  Thanks so much.  I can definitely work with that.