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Possible to not sync the deleted items to vault cache?

Created: 08 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
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We have the following situation, PSTs were banned at our organisation but somehow 1 user managed to get himself a special dispensation for 6 years. As part of that agreement, he was copying all items to a 'copy of sent items' folder for years on end. These have all been vaulted. After some fighting IT managed to win and now he must use the enterprise vault.

As a concession, we agreed to import all his psts into his vault so then vault cache would be working in place of PSTs (hooray) 

Now my problem is that he is hard drive limited. to clean up in his virtual vault, he deleted all his 'copy of sent items' but our company policy doesn't allow deletion of vaulted items, so deleted items remain in the deleted items folder (which is fine for him, as it cleans up his view and satisfys our need to keep everything as well). Which of course syncs back to his hard drive. Now he's complaining that it's a waste of space as he has essentially duplicate items arriving for both his customers and his deleted items.

In short, 

don't want deleted items that live in the vault to sync to the vault cache, would like to not sync them.

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What you can do, the long winded way, is to disable his account for EV, export his archive to PST on the EV server, delete his archive via the admin console, wait for his archive to be deleted, backup his PST and then clean it up (i.e. delete the Deleted Items and other folders etc.). Re-enable his account to recreate a blank archive, then import the cleaned up PST back into his newly created archive. Reset his vault cache on his machine and let everything synch-up.

Normally this way is not recommended but as it is only one user then I think it's the best options. I don't believe there is a way to speficy what folder you can synch for Vault Cache (well, last time I checked anyway). It's all or nothing.

What version are you running server and client BTW?


Chau Tran


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oh.. and I assumed that there is no restriction to deleting the user's archive i.e. there's no restriction in the Ret Cat or CA/DA running etc. With these restritcions you won't be able to delete the user's archive.


Chau Tran


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Sorry mate, but I don't think it is going to be that granular and allow you to prohibit that folder from synching.

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I am a tiny bit confused.

This 'folder' where was it?  Were the items in the folder archived?  Or did the folder (or contents) get deleted, and then they were archived?

If the contents of the folder were archived, and then deleted, just the shortcuts will go in to the deleted items folder... the original items in the archive, therefore in VC and VV, will be in the original location, until archiving-with-shortcut-processing-is-run.

Would just be nice to understand what exactly happened?

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@Chau - Apart from the fact the company doesn't allow the deletion of vaulted items, rather than do all that, why not just export and delete all the items from that archive in 'deleted items' using the wizard? That should also then synch to VC.. :)

For your 'special' user could you set Vault Cache just to synch the headers and only store the items that he opens?

Failing that, can't you just get him another (bigger) HDD? :)

Jeff Shotton

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or you can do what Jeff has suggested!!! :-)


Chau Tran