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Possible to recover master server after power outtage?

Created: 31 May 2013 | 7 comments

I'm still new to Netbackup when the server crashed. I have access to all the files on the old c drive and the basic disk where backups were going to. Without building everything from scratch, can I grab any configuration or database from the old c drive or one of my img to help my rebuild of the server? I didnt quite understand DR file in my google research. Is that something on the c drive or included in your backups? Or do you have to set it in your backup jobs to backup the DR? And Iif you didnt expressly create a catalog backup policy, am I SOL? TIA

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You need to have a sucessful catalog backup in order to recovery the database. period.

If you havea a good hot catalog backup, however do not have the DR file, there is a way to recover.

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Thanks for getting back so quickly.  Are all the configuration, policy, client setup, selection lists, etc. stored in the catalog or is it just an index of the backup sets?  Or are they stored in an xml, txt, ini, or other proprietary format somewhere?

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Nevermind, I just found the section in the admin guide that says the catalog includes the config data also.  So my best option right now is to import all the images on the basic disk storage and see if the catalog was backed up.  Do I just use BAR to see if the catalog is there?  What's your expert suggestion? Thanks again

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About power outtage?

1 you should dual power input.

2 try to use USP.

I think this is best for you.

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text-underline:none">ichy4 - Very first you need to understand the Catalog and DR file usage..

CATALOG --So NB catalog are the internal database, Netbackup configuration.. CATALOG consists below part.

1- Image Database-    Information about the images of backup.. Data which has been backed up.. It’s a data which consumed most size in NBDB.

2-Relational Database-    Database, which include information of Media Usage, Volume pool. like-

    PATH- /usr/openv/db/data/- EMMdata.db, EMMdata_INDEX, NBdb.db, BMRDB.db, BMRDB.log, DBM_DATA_db etc…

color:#333333">See “About the NetBackup relational database” on page 745

3- Configuration database-    include information of configuration database. like-





DR FILE -- DR file is file which created at the time of catalog backup. DR file having information about where the catalog backup has done..and some information which is required to recover the database in any outrage..PATH for DR defined at the time of policy creation... You can configure a mail with DR file after completion of catalog backup…which having procedure about how to recover catalog

So to recover CATALOG in any outrage you need to have DR file. Or should be aware about MEDIA ID (Media also contain DR file)…

Ankit Maheshwari

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Steps for a disaster recovery at located in chapter 5 of the troubleshooting guide :