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Possible unsupported video mode

Created: 27 Nov 2013 • Updated: 02 Dec 2013 | 1 comment

Having a problem booting a Dell Optiplex 990 after  the disk encryption has been installed. Upon boot the screen just goes blank right after "Preparing Windows Environment" and won't show the splash screen. 

The computer is connected using a VGA display port on the machine and an extended display port with a dvi adapter: Dell 5 inch Display Port to DVI Adapter dongle, this display port is quite common with the dell machines, this is just the first one I have encountered that's actually being used.

Note that after disconnecting the cable dongle and using only the VGA port for video, the splash screen displays fine, and the computer is able to boot into windows. 

Computer boots up fine with both displays connected when the disk is fully decrypted and bypasses the splash screen. My initial guess would be an unsupported display mode, wondering if anyone else has come across this and has any suggestions or know of a fix. 

SEE version: 8.2.1 MP5

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tech boy,

We have the same issue with the OptiPlex 790 desktops.

For us, we had to downlevel the BIOS to a lower revision, in the 790 case A13 or lower. Something in the BIOS video ROM changes after A13.

Our support case ended with finger pointing between Dell and Symantec, nether moving to do anything to fix.