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Created: 24 Mar 2011 • Updated: 09 Sep 2011 | 7 comments
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We have a backup job that fails once a month when we run a "full" backup as the job misses its time window by a couple of hours. Is it possible to restart this job via a post command? If so, what would the command be?

Thanks :)

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Kiran Bandi's picture

I don't think that it is possible to restart a failed job through post command.

As per my knowledge a failed job should be restarted manually.


pkh's picture

Why don't you widen the tme window?

mjcymru's picture

i would, but the window is as large as it can go (i think).

The job is scheduled to run on a 25/2/11 @ 19:35 but the start time says 26/2/11 19:35.14 with a job status as missed.

The time window is set to:

Start no earlier than  19:35.00
and no later than  19:34.59

Any other suggestions?

pkh's picture

You should investigate why your job didn't start within the 24 hours allocated.  If it genuinely cannot start on time due to resource constraints, then you should look at ways to overcome those constraints.

mjcymru's picture

It is down to resources, at the end of every month we run a full backup which hogs all resources for over a day which cause the job to miss.  Id of thought there'd be an easier way for the job to run when next available and ignore any time windows etc.?

pkh's picture

No. There is no other way.  The max time window is 24 hours so that the job does not impact the next run if it is scheduled to run daily.  You got to run the job manually.

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ok, if thats the only answer will have to re-think the schedules...