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Power Management Operation Failed (ASF)

Created: 29 Mar 2011 • Updated: 29 Mar 2011 | 7 comments
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Everytime i try to carry out a power management task i get an error which says "Power Management Operation Failed".

The current power state also only ever shows unknown. The asf credentials i use are shown as being okay and the machine show as capable and configured for oob.

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Plese provide more info on issue:


There can be several issues here.

 Some questions to try to narrow the problem:

  1. Is that Intel or Broadcom NIC on client?
  2. Please check the OOB Inventory classes in resource manager and if possible attach the screenshot with following classes : “ASF Alert Service”; “ASF Remote Functions”; “ASF Security”
  3. Also please can you describe the connection settings for ASF (may be also screenshot of connection profile ->ASF protocol settings).

One of the main thing is that the clients configured in “ASF 1.0 mode” that is not give possibilities to use power actions.

To reconfigure it please use the “Update ASF Configuration Settings” task.

This task contain 3 sections one general and specific sections for Intel and Broadcom NICs, so check that you configure correct one.

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1. It is a broadcom NIC.

2. asf alert service

asf remote functions

asf security

3.connection setting asf

When i was looking at the OOB capability section in the OOB i noticed that it says that ide redirection is not enabled. I could find no meintion of IDE redirection in the bios of the machine i am trying to manage.

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Hi, looks like it should work.

Can you also add the Vendor and model of client and the BIOS version.

I see that the version of BRCM Firmware seems old (6.25), and I need to check is it possible to find the update, for that clients.

Seems the root of problem is that client reports the “Unknown” for the state, and that is mostly the firmware problem.

Also please  check the update of BIOS for this client sometimes that can helps. 


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The machine is a Dell Optiplex gx620 with a broadcom netxtreme 57xx gigabit controller. 

 I took a look at the bios version and it is A11 which is pretty old so i will update the bios. I will let you know if the bios update helps at all.

The dell site says that i have the latest available bios version for the Optiplex gx 620 as it seems that the version i have is the last that they released.

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 HI, that is an old client, and yes the firmware v6.25 is very old.

This client not really supports the ASF Power actions (RMCP), and the problem with “state” report also the problem of firmware. As I know the problem with incorrect reporting of “state” was fixed in firmware version 7.15 or higher. I unable to find the firmware update somewhere on web, and seems it is only one possible solution exist: request the newer firmware for this NIC (Seems 5751) from the DELL or from Broadcom. Also the specific utility for firmware update is needed.

About the RMCP actions: it totally disabled on this kind of clients. It can be checked if you install the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS) and check the “View ASF!” in tools menu. If the RMCP_% tables are “0” then it means that the  RMCP actions are not available even if them are reported from the client as supported.

Theoretically this also could be changed but only with some very specific utilities from Broadcom, that also should be requested from them (or from vendor) with instructions how that can be enabled on client.

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I have installed bacs but i do not have any view asf option in the tools menu.

I am also testing a optiplex 745 now. The discovery task does not seem to be able to find this computer. 

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I abandoned using the asf for the power management.  I am using the ns wol tasks to power computers on and off as it was meintioned in another thread.

I am having issues with the power off command on one of the computers. Power on and restart work fine but i cannot get the power command to work on the machine. The task reports that it is successful when it is not.