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Powercfg for Windows XP machine

Created: 25 Sep 2013 | 4 comments

I created a job through software delivery is call powerxp.cmd

POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /monitor-timeout-ac 15
POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /monitor-timeout-dc 10
POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /disk-timeout-ac 0
POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /disk-timeout-dc 0
POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /standby-timeout-ac 0
POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /standby-timeout-dc 0
POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /hibernate-timeout-ac 0
POWERCFG /CHANGE CustomScheme /hibernate-timeout-dc 0

basically I need all the machines turn off hard disks: Never

                                 System standby: Never

                                 System hibernate: Never.

when I send this job to the machine  with user who had admin right, then it was success,

but if I send this job to the regular user then this job never run, even when I click update configuration, this job show succsss, but the setting on the machine still how Turn off hard disks: 15 minites

                          System standby: 30 minites

                          System hibernates: after 15 minites.

when I check registry in  hkey_user\control panel\Powercfg\PowerPolices\315\  name showing CustomScheme

How can I make this run for regular user?

Your help will be great appreciated it


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Does it help if you use an admin account as the security context when running it on a machine that has a normal user logged in?

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Note, ALL versions of Windows power schemes have flaws in that they do not put PCs into nor take PCs out of low power modes reliably.  You can easily google windows power schemes and see the multitude of problems.

Check out eiPower Saver Solution.  A thrid party solution that has been around for more than 5 years.  It enforces administrator set power schemes AND report kWh usage, cost, and carbon emissions.  There are also reports that show you the power history of your computers(s).  There are many production features of this product, and, utility companies give rebates for using it as high as $15 per PC.

Go to ENTISP.COM for more details.


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I had to do the same task for my machines here and this is the setting I usedin 6.5 server.


Run the software delivery task under system account and see if that helps. Mine worked successfully.

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Hi Lillian,

I struggled with this myself a while back and was able to find a solution.

First, please login to the computer with an account with administrative credentials.

Go to Start --> Run --> regedit --> Enter

Navigate to "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder\PowerCfg"

Right-click "GlobalPowerPolicy" and select Permissions...

Click Advanced

Click Add

Add a new user called INTERACTIVE

In the Special Permissions for this user, Allow "Set Value" and "Create Subkey"

Click OK 3 times to return to the Registry Editor

Add the same Permissions to "PowerPolicies"

Close the Registry Editor, reboot, and log in as the non-admin user. Apply the Command/batch file. I don't think the reboot is actually necessary, however it never hurts.