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Powershell Integration.. Questions..

Created: 14 Jan 2013 • Updated: 14 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

I know this has been discussed a few times, but I thought I would bring it up again and get a bit more clarity. As I've dug a bit more into powershell I've come to realize just how powerful it is, that added with workflow and there's so much you can do. With that being said..

Is there any native support for executing powershell scripts with workflow in the latest version 7.5? I know you can call and execute the powershell task from SMP. I'm also aware you can create .ps1 files using the create text file and call that from the Execute run component. Which is not a huge deal, but the fact that the component doesn't respect formatting makes it a bit tedious to have to use the append file component each time you need to add a line to your script. Any idea if that's been resolved in 7.5?

Lastly, the ability to read powershell variables into workflow would be great. I found this post that discusses exactly this but I can't seem to get it working following the details exactly listed here. The post is a bit old but is anyone else doing this? Or how are you going about it.

 It involves c# code which I have very little experience with.

I'm currently on Workflow 7.1 Sp2

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I create the Multiline script that I want to run with any varables in there as ***Var1*** then do a text replace on them for variables in my code save that to the file system then execute that.

I found I was doing this a fair amount so I created a web service I pass the file I want to execute thens results are pipped to the results file then I parse that file for errors.


Jon Hallam