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Powershell job definition and NDMP

Created: 10 Jan 2014 • Updated: 13 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I am trying to automate my backup job of a NAS (Netapp) because I have a lot of volume that are create /delete regulary and I don’t wont’ maintain via the classic interface selections in jobs.

The goal is to automate selection in jobs or create automatically job with a list of the current volumes on the NAS.

PowerShell looks like to be the solution but I am facing of "Server Agent " problem.

As you probably now to create a job you have to indicate the Server Agent,

I can get the list of the agent server by the following PowerShell command: get-BEAgentServer

Sadly, all the NDMP "server" aren't listed in the list....(but appear in GUI)

So how I can set up a JOB to point to a NAS device without see the "agent server" ?

I read on others posts that people use a workaround by creating "symbolic link" that point data to volume....but that work only with volume that contain data (not for example the LUN data emulation on Netapp) and of course I don’t wont to have a huge list of symbolic link on my server. Plus I don't think that the backup will be efficient with big data (no DNMP stream in this case....)

Somebody have a solution ?

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This is one of the non-supported features of Backup Exec's BEMCLI.

Create/Retreive/Update/Delete NDMP servers & Include/Exclude for NDMP resources are amongst few functions which are not supported.

KB -

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Thanks for your reply.

I miss that fact it's very clear ;-)

Too bad the NDMP is not supported. Especially as it is often NAS model with NDMP feature are generraly used fby PRO and need automatisation that we can do with powershell.
Do you know if this is the the feature of futur 2012 R2?
Can your make a feature request?
thank you
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I would recommend to submit this feature request under

Based on the nature of the feature request and votes up from other customers, this may be reviewed and possibly implemented.

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We are adding functionality to BEMCLI in BE 2012 R2 - and at the moment NDMP functioanlity is intended to be part of that, however this might change so please check the information available on release