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Powershell script for exclude lists.

Created: 31 Jul 2014 • Updated: 25 Aug 2014 | 3 comments
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I want to create a powershell script to push  out to all clients an update to there exclude lists.

Does anyone have something like this already?

I have over a 1000 Windows clients to update an would perfer not to do them one at a time.


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Sorry I forgot to say we are running Netbackup 7.1 on a Windows platform.

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In order to process a command against a large number of clients I use an excel spreadsheet to generate the script for me.

Say you have an exclude list called “exclude.txt”, which contains the following text.


You would then run the following command to update the configuration for a host names example123.

bpsetconfig –h –e exclude.txt

In excel you would have your list of hosts in column "A". In column "B" you would write this

="bpsetconfig –h " & A1 & " –e exclude.txt"

Then you use the copy pull in the bottom right hand corner to copy that command down the document to cover all 1000 lines or whathaveyou.

Column B should now contain a command on each line with the name of each host from column A.

Copy this text out in to a powershell script. Run this script from the master server. Go get a drink. Put your feet up. Tell everyone you are working really hard on this exclude list thing. It's a really big project, after all.

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Have used a bat script based on bpplclients to find the Windows Clients and a loop with bpsetconfig for each client with the excludelist file.

Think something like

@clients= bpclients command

foreach client @clients bpsetconfig command

is what you are looking for, but probably needs a little polishing