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Free: Powershell script which determines what version of SEP is on a machine for you

Created: 25 Mar 2010 • Updated: 26 Sep 2010 | 2 comments

Hello everyone,

I friend asked me to write this Powershell script for him so, I thought I'd post it here for everyone else to use. The script loads in a list of servers/PCs into memory. It then remotely queries the SEP version key and display a list a machine names and their SEP versions. I hope you all find it beneficial.

# ******************************************************************************

# Script which loads in a list of server or PC names, and queries their registry

# to determine what version of SEP is on them

# NOTE: it will output a list containing the machine's name and its SEP version

# I've found that anything that returns a blank version is the result of either;

# A) SEP is not installed

# B) I don't have rights to connect to the machine

# Written by Henry C. Hernandez []

# Date: March 24th, 2010

# Modified:

# Legal Stuff:

# There are no warrenties with this script.

# Use at your own risk

# ******************************************************************************

$File = Import-Csv 'c:\hostlist.csv' #NOTE: the first line of this file must say machinename

foreach ($line in $file)


$machinename = $line.machinename

#Continue the script even if an error happens

trap [Exception] {continue}

$reg = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey("LocalMachine",$MachineName)

#Set the Reg Container

$key = "SOFTWARE\\Symantec\\Symantec Endpoint Protection\\SMC"

$regkey = "" #clears the value between loop runs

$regkey = $reg.opensubkey($key)

$SEPver = "" #clears the value between loop runs

#NOTE: the values between the " ' " symbols are the key you're looking for

$SEPver = $regKey.GetValue('ProductVersion')

$Results = $MachineName , $SEPver

Write-host $Results

#Write-Output ************


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It looks nice and you can add this under Downloads rather than as a Post in the Forum