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pre-archiving mailboxes without users noting it.

Created: 18 Dec 2013 | 5 comments

Is it possible to pre-archive user mailboxes that do not have the outlook-plugin enabled. So that those users still access their emails directly from the Exchange database but a archived copy has been stored in the Vault?

Is that being achieved with Safety copy - remove after backup? Because i want to make sure those users still have full access to their emails in their mailboxes but without their knowledge a copy of the emails have been archived. If this is possible with safety copies, is it correct to say i should NOT backup the SEV server during this period otherwise the emails get removed in their mailboxes on the Exchange EDB?

I would like to speed up a archiving project by pre-archiving the mailboxes without actually introducing archived emails to the end-users yet.

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Archive with safety copy will do the following:

Mail is archived. It is turned into a shortcut (Pending Archiving). Because they do not have the EV-client, they will not have proper view of the item. The 'pending archiving' item will be the full item, but it cannot be worked on. As it is a shortcut, the item should not be forwarded, or edited anymore. It can be 'replied'.

If you want to go this way (i/e archive without notice) you might want to choose to deselect 'delete original item after archiving' and 'create shortcut to archived item after archiving'. (Mailbox policy, tab Archving actions).

It is my opinion that you should not do this. Inform your users of the advantage of having a smaller mailbox, enable Virtual Vault, and get management buy-in. This will ease implementation and prevents you for head-aches later down the road.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Hoi Gertjan,

So if i am not mistaken, it is not possible to archive the user mailboxes, already to the Vault, and at the same time let the users remain working from their mailbox stored on the Exchange server without having issues of emails not being accessible because they have been archived/ backed up and they are basically troublesome shortcuts witouth the outlook plugin installed.

I was hoping that the original emails remain in the inbox of the users on the exchange EBD, and in paralel a copy of all those emails has been archived to the SEV Vault, so at the big day of switch over to Outlook + plugin (Installation) and archived emails for end-users i simply only had to run the Full backup on the SEV vaults to remove the "safety copies/ original emails from their mailboxes that are hosted on the exchange servers.

Reason for this is i do want to prepare as much as possible, so there is less to do on the actual cut-over day to archived mailboxes (prevent having to archive several mailboxes at the same time and the users experiencing the archiving stage of their mailboxes realtime while the outlook plugin has been installed.

Because at the moment we are looking at 2 option:

Option 1 Install the Outlook plugin and do not enable the mailboxes for archiving yet so effectively the outlook plugin is invisible for the users. and on the big day start enabling their mailboxes for archiving.

Option 2: Not installing the outlook-plugin, but archive their mailboxes already and keep safety copy enabled till after the SEV server has been backed up. So there is less strain on both the SEV and EXchange server during the implementation of mailbox archiving.

Thank you for your kind help.

Ontzettend veel dank voor je hulp.


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Option 1 is definitely the way to go.
Why would you want a "big cutover day" ?
Enterprise Vault will just keep archiving until it finishes.

What you could do is start with a passive policy, like "Archive everything over 5 years old", and then go from there. Users hardly notice such old e-mails anyways :)

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I would strongly recommend against utilizing the Safety Copy for this since it replaces the email with a Pending Shortcut and has limitations on what the user can do with the email whilst in that status.
Option 1 is the most viable option. Additionally, you should schedule the archiving activity to run during the off-hours to minimize any user impact during the archiving run. An added feature of option 1 would be that when archiving is initiated you will get the vault cache being built locally and preclude a significant amount of network activity when the users open Outlook.