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Pre-Defined Computers and Tasks

Created: 21 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

I have an image job that we use to build our laptops. In the past we had a workflow that would delete the machine that we were going to use from the NS and AD and then our Techs would PXE boot the machine and I had a page in our workflow that would display new computers booted into PXE. (just looking for new machines with names starting "Minint*"). The user would select the IP in the list and workflow would rename the machine to what we want to call it and the rest of deployment steps would kick off configuring the new machine. This was all a work around because there was no API for Pre-Defined computers. Hower now there is.

I was able to stage the computer with API but our job would never kick off. Not sure why??? Does something need to run first before tasks would kick off?

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Most likely that will do the trick.

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OK - I don't know what that workflow does, but I hope it works.

For anyone else reading this, my "guess" is that the predefined computer is not managed and therefore the task doesn't start.  We've seen this on other systems where you schedule a task on a predefined computer and it's waiting for the predefined computer to boot into automation before it will start the task. Once in automation and reporting in to the console, the task "schedules" and runs.

That said, it's not the answer to the problem posted above per-se, but it may be useful information.

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