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Pre-install checklist for EV for Mircosoft Exchange

Created: 19 Apr 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

Hi there,

Wonder if anyone can share out the pre-install checklist before installing EV for Microsoft Exchange.

I can't seem to find it posted/documented anywhere within Symantec.


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Jason Szeto's picture

The installation and configuration guide of EV has a preinstall checklist.

Marco Barbara's picture

If you install ev you go to c:\program files\enterprise vault\ and there you find .pdf files with installation guide for pre-requisite..

Micah Wyenn 2's picture

I really really really want to post the 23 page document that I have for all the pre-req and install procedures for installing EV6.0. If I did that tho, I'd prolly be shot by my boss/company for leaking IP.
I think i can say that if you want to do a successful install of EV, use the install guide as a framework to work off of. Search/read this forum for notes on regfixes, found bugs, install questions, and architecture. These will all help guide you (as many implementors/support guys) have posted here.
I know it may seem like I'm saying (nicely tho) RTFM. Really what I think I'm trying to get at is that by asking a vague question like "Hey, gimme your full procedures"...that you're not going to get the response you want (as evidenced by the previous terse responses). A better method would be to post a new question along the lines of..."Hey, I'm thinking about implementing these steps in to my procedure, what do you think?"
This would at least allow those of us whom are gagged by IP rules/policy to act as your community.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.