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Preferred Remote Control in CMS 7.1

Created: 15 Aug 2012 | 7 comments


I just configured Altiris CMS 7.1 SP2 and there are three options for remote control. PcAnywhere, VNC, and RDP. I am use to the default remote control in 6.9 however I have no idea what protocol it used. I would prefer the old method but I am not sure if thats how 7.1 works. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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This was a built in feature into the DS 6.x Aclient/Dagent (and it was not really 100% Windows 7 compatible).

As SMP 7.x is using another agent (SMA) it is just not there anymore. CMS features (like u mentioned) PcAnywhere.

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After you logged out of IRC to ask around (and I had mentioned I had encountered the same issue), I went back to my settings and discovered that I am now able to add users to the AD authentication list.

How long have you had pcA installed as part of CMS?  Was it installed at the same time as the NS and CMS components or did you install in at a later time?

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I installed the ITMS trial with PCA at the same time. A few days later I received my licenses for CMS and applied them. At no point during trial or after I applied the licenses was I able to get PCA to work. 

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So what did you do? What you didnt do?

Did you rollout the PCA Agent?

Did you configure the solution?


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I rolled out the PCA agent. I cant seem to get the host configured with my domains active directory in the settings>all settings>agents/plug-ins>remote management>windows>pcanywhere settings - windows [Authentication]. It will not load my domain for me to be able to configure it to let admins use the pcanywhere

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You need to enable the browser service on the server for this to work.