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Prememptive cache

Created: 27 Aug 2013 • Updated: 25 Sep 2013 | 8 comments
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Hi, I'm using EV10 SP3.  Before we roll out EV to all users, I am looking at ways to ease the load on the EV servers.  One item on my list is Virtual Vault which could cause delays (as 2000 mailboxes wanting to sync at the same time, even with threshholds could take ages).  Someone mentioned enabling users for Virtual Vault to take advantage of preemptive caching, so when they get enabled for archiving the VC does not have to build off the server as the data is already there, but I can see how this can work. 

In my mind, the process is:  Users join a provision group which has archiving disabled.  They have a policy applied which sets archive items older than X days and enable VC and VV.  At this stage nothing happens, it's only when they get enabled that they get the hidden messages, policy info, preemptive cache details, etc downloaded to their Outlook and an archive created.  At that stage, archiving will then run during the next window, and preemptive can then work.  So if someone is in a provisiong group for days, nothing will happen until they are actually enabled.  And say you enable someone in the morning, they could get a few hours worth or preemptive caching before the archiving run happens at night.

Is that correct?  Does that make sense? 


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Preemptive caching is enabled by default for vault cache but will not work until the initial sync has completed

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Plus EV has throttling for vault cache syncs, so 2000 mailboxes won't sync at the same time, they'll simply be queued

Plus VC will still go through its normal sync steps, even if everything has been ore enptively cached etc

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Hi JW, thanks for your prompt response.

What happens in the initial sync process?  I assume that only happens once a user is enabled?


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Initial sync is to build the Meta Data Cache and then download the items per the policy from the archive

So if you don't have it restricted by size or date, it will download everything

Once that's done THEN preemptive caching takes place

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So what if you enabled a user then set in the provisioning group not to archive?  Would it build the cache without archiving anything?

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So not archive you mean just set the policy to like 99 years etc or do you mean not enabling the user in provisioning?

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So if you have a user in a provisioning group which has "automatically enable users" ticked, but "archive mailboxes in this provisioning group" not ticked, will it create the archive, set hidden msgs, but not actually archive anything - would VC still build?

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I believe if you have it set to automatically enable but don't archive, for new users no archive would be created

For existing users they simply wouldn't be archived when the archiving task runs

I don't know off the top of my head whether it stops vault cache and manual archiving

Would be real easy to test, create a prov group, add yourself and push it to the top, run provisioning, sync the mailbox and load up outlook and see what happens