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Prerequisites for computers to receive Symantec Management Platform

Created: 26 Sep 2013 • Updated: 26 Sep 2013 | 6 comments

Hi all,

I read in Symantec Managment Platform 7.1 Administration: Book 1, in Lesson 6, it says "Before starting a manual push installation, you must select the computers to receive the agent installation and ensure they meet the prerequisites needed to install Symantec Management Platform." My big question is, what are the prerequisites needed to install SMP on machines?  Does anyone have any documentation on these needed prerequisites that I can refer to? I am trying to create a list of needed configured settings for each computer so that they can all have the same settings, and therefore the client can be pushed out with complications. our machines are mostly Windows 7, with some Windows 8


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The Symantec Management Platform is the back-end server platform.  The Symantec Management Agent is what's deployed to the client computers.

I'm looking for the document for the SMA requirements but basically anything XP/2003 and newer is supported.  Not all features are supported with Windows 8 yet but SMP 7.5 (releasing next week) will fill those gaps.

Here's the document that contains all the compatibility information you'd ever need:

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Thanks HighTower.  Also, I'm wondering what settings the client computers need to have in order for Semantic Management Client to push successfully? For example, we know that:

- the client computer must be turned on for the greatest chance of remote push

- Firewall must be disabled on them.

I am wondering what else needs to be configured?  I'm trying to identify a rhyme or reason as to why a remote push install is successful on some client computers and not others.  Also, are there any konwn problems with remote push with different kinds of machines, such as laptops w/ docking stations? 

Thanks again for the help!

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You'll also need to have credentials defined on the target computers so be sure the Altiris service account you're using has local admin creds on everything.  The admin$ share also needs to be enabled.

And I'm not trying to be difficult but the "Symantec Management Client" is the name of a service that gets installed if you're running Symantec Endpoint Protection.  The "Symantec Management Agent" is the service name of what we're talking about here.  I don't know if I should laugh or cry about that :)

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It's all good, thanks for clarifying.  Thanks, I forgot about the admin rights, but that is also important.  Is there possibly anything else that the client machines require in order to recieve Symantec Management Agent?


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Are these automated agent deployments that you're having?  Can you manually install the agent on these computers that fail to get the agents installed automatically?  That way you can narrow if you're experiencing a communications issue or some other problem with the computers themselves.

EDIT:  I reread your post and see that you haven't started installations yet.  The SMA is pretty durable and doesn't have many (any?) external requirements that I'm aware of.  And we've been using Altiris since 2006 and Windows 2000/XP.

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Right now, all the machines that I am working on are those that the automated deployment didn't work for. And sorry I forgot to mention that I have been working on installs for about 3 weeks.  I have been performing manual installs (manual push), and when the manual push doesn't work, I try a manual pull install.  Results have been inconsistent at best.  So I'm trying to figure what is the difference in settings between the machine where a manual install works just fine, and those that don't?  The majority of these Machines are running Windows 7 - Enterprise 32-bit, and some are Windows 8