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Preserving changes to Web.config files

Created: 13 Dec 2012 | 5 comments

I need to make changes to the Web.config file to extend the executionTimeout parameter.  Each time I publish the associated project, the change to the config file has to be recreated.  Is there a way to preserve custom settings in the web.config file?

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Just asking a few questions here... can you modify the web.config in your project beforehand, increasing the timeout (the web.config is only a resource)... then publish it? Republishing a project should overwrite the existing web.config with the project's web.config... at least it should. What version of WF are you running?

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I am on Workflow 7.1.

When I modify the web.config I am making the change in the Program Files\Altiris\Workflow\WorkflowDeploy\Release\ project name directory.  Each time I publish the project, this file gets rebuilt.  Is there a source file I should be editing instead?

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You have to do it at the project level before you publish your workflow so that it keeps the configuration not in the folder directory where you're currently changing it. Here's a screenshot of where it should be changed and it should be be something like \Workflow\WorkflowProjects\WorkflowFolder

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Aryanos said what I was trying to say much better with pictures and everything... edit your project web.config with the changes you want published.